CSC Beyond Incorporates with international Covid-19 research to understand the mechanism of the virus.

CSC Beyond Achieved the third patent in A.I semantic data analysis

CSC Beyond Achieved the third patent in A.I semantic data analysis:

Patent number: 10540439

Embodiments comprise a plurality of engines configured to interface to each other to provide a comprehensive analysis and computerized “understanding” of digital content. Embodiments can output confident (i.e. provable results for particular elements) such as answers to specific questions or the identification of differences between related documents. Embodiments are further configured to further provide a timeline of time-based relation or entity search to identify particular events that occurred within the scope of a particular element or its relations. Systems allow the ability to identify or understand the context of elements in relation to a uniform time and date.

Tline 360. A revolutionary Telemedicine software to launch!

Virtual healthcare options save consumers time and money and expand affordable access without overburdening healthcare facilities. According to a recent Harris Poll, a quarter of consumers would choose a virtual healthcare option if it were available. 4 Expect to see an increase in healthcare apps and a demand for remote consultations and virtual house calls.

CSC Beyond’s Quarantine work from home #StayHome

During the Covid-19 Pandemic, our mainly asset which is our employees showed their full commitment by working from home and even made sure they increase the productivity and creativity by focusing more on developing the business and providing better results. We would like to thank each member of our big family and may god bless you all! We would also like to thank our loyal clients who worked with us closely to make sure both parties are on track to keep the ball rolling! – CEO, Mr. Rami Ikhreish