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As much as you need, you can contact us anytime for any project or IT support that you need. And we will be able to assist you or begin producing the project that you need.

Best Staff Hired

Our team is fully dedicated and are working hard to deliver the quality of our clients expectations. Jordan has been always the first country to apply new innovative technologies across the middle east and across the region.

Years of Exprience

We are a company of trained professionals that enjoy IT and want to help make your job easier by giving you the best opportunities, chances and decisions to utilize your ideas into becoming reality.

The History Behind CSC Beyond

Back In 2005, Mr. Rami Ikhreishi came to Jordan after starting his own IT company in Raleigh NC, USA. He believed that Jordan has great mindsets and qualified people who are willing to be one of the leading rated countries in regards to technology.

Jordan has been always the first country to apply new innovative technologies across the middle east and across the region.

Since then, he started the company with two employees in a small office. Then with so much sweat and tears dropping, he and the team were able to establish a well know IT company that is currently operating in 7 countries providing top notch IT services.

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Meet The Team

The Right People In The Right Jobs

CEO & Founder

Rami Ikhreishi

Mr. Rami Ikhreishi is the founder and the master mind behind establishing the company and keeping everything towards more success. Rami is a NCSU graduate and has 4 patents registered by his name, that’s where master mind comes from!

Operations Manager

Abd Al-Raheem Aboura

Abd Al-Raheem helps to keep our employees and internal system running smoothly and making sure that our employees are in the best condition to deliver the best work.

Chief Operations Officer

Jasmine Al-Khraisha

Jasmine is the dynamo of the company that keeps the operations running smoothly and making sure that the projects are being done based on the clients expectations. She is also able to work at anytime to help our customers to get the best experience!

Director Of Business Development

Anas Alraie

Anas is a creative mind that is working on developing the products and services we offer to our clients and making sure the business is growing as fast as possible, no matter what it takes!

Chief Marketing Officer

Laith Shannak

Laith is the guy who has a duty to expand the business and going towards the goal of reaching every spot our company can work at! Expanding the business is his passion

Director Of Call Center Operations

Abdallah Alassar

Abdallah is a highly disciplined guy that keeps all of our clients satisfied and taken care of once any has questions or needs help with their projects!

Senior Business Development specialist

Elijah Shaheen

Elijah is a very aggressive and hard working person, he is talented in marketing and developing the methods of marketing our services and products.

Data Entry Supervisor

Nour Sammour

Nour makes sure that our data entry team is always on top of everything and that we deliver no mistakes whatever soever!


8601 Six Forks Road Suite 400 Raleigh, NC 27615

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[email protected]

CSC Beyond

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